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Immigrating to a new country is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life. We know this firsthand as our founder immigrated to Canada over 25 years ago. Since then, our team has been assisting people to immigrate to this country that we love. Leave the stress to us. We have years of experience  on the immigration process and procedures in coming to Canada. We can assist you with:
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Express Entry

Express Entry is a relatively new immigration program to obtain Canadian permanent residency. Under this system, you must submit a profile to see if you have enough points for a stream leading to permanent residency. If you have enough points, you can apply for permanent residency. Express Entry can be quite confusing. Leave the stress to us and allow us to simplify and complete the process for you.

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Citizenship and Permanent Residency

We understand the various processes involved in becoming a Canadian permanent resident. Further, we know the importance and benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen. For example, having a Canadian passport allows you to travel to nearly every country in the world without any impairment or restrictions. We are able to provide assistance with applications for permanent residency, applications for citizenship, and proof of citizenship applications. 

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Family Immigration Applications

This permanent residency stream includes spousal and domestic partnership applications, as well as applications for dependent children, parents, or for other family members seeking to come to Canada.

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Business Immigration Applications

This permanent residency stream is for those who are able to be economically established in Canada. There are a variety of programs for entrepreneurs or investors to come and start their businesses here.

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Work & Study Permits

To come to Canada, you need a permit. Often, people will want to come to Canada to work or study. There are a variety of permits which allow you to come to Canada or extend your stay in Canada. We will review your situation and ensure you have the proper documentation for your needs in Canada. 

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Visitor and Super Visa Applications

If you are coming to visit Canada you may need a temporary resident visa depending on your citizenship. This applies for tourists, business visitors, or those coming to visit their children or grandchildren. Parents can apply for Super Visas. We are able to prepare these applications so that you can visit our beautiful country.


Provincial Nominee Applications

These programs are for those working in Canada who have skills, education, and work experience to contribute to the economy of a respective province, and are living in the respective province. Further, these programs assist any individual seeking to become a permanent resident and citizen of Canada.

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Refugee Claim Hearings & Appeals

Canada offers refugee protection to individuals who fear persecution or would be in danger if they left Canada. We have successfully represented refugee claimants in the LGBTQ community, claimants who fear their lives because of their political activities, members of religious groups, or those belonging to a certain race or nationality. Contact us today if you feel you are at risk in leaving Canada.



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